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Itec is professional manufacturer engaged in the research,development,and production of footwear,apparel,and relevant accessories.

Our primary focus is on the production of footwear and apparel for infants,toddlers and preschoolers.We also produce comfortable adult footwear and apparel of leisure and sport.We have two production plants in Guangzhou for baby shoes,one production plant in Jinjiang for sport shoes,and one garment plant in Quanzhou for T-shirt,sport suit and accessories.

Our independent team of merchandisers specialises in bulk production orders processing,wholesale trade and OEM service.Since 2002,we have been committed to working with European and American shoes and garments brands.Our independent team for Research and Development equips us with the ability for mould and sample production,which allows us to tailor our designs according to your preferences.Through years of research and innovation,specially designed to suit all occasions and catch the latest fashion trends with competitive pricing,Itec has successfully emerged as the preferred brand amongst consumers all over the world.

'One Belt, One Road' initiatives offer opportunities for us to be a part of the community of commercial network.In the three years to come,our company intends to expand our appearance on online platforms.This will give us the competitive edge over other similar companies,value-adding to our company,employees and clients.In order to satisfy the demands and needs of our clients, we aim to build stable and strong network operations.In hope of providing better service and to better meet the needs of our clientele,we have established a Direct Sales Centre in Xiamen,as well as creating a professional sales team and platform to aid in its operations. With that, we have developed a brand new sales model for the e-commerce.To complete our multi-pronged approach in reaching out to clients,we have our very own professional photography and graphic designs team.This offers online retailers a full-range of cost-effective sourcing and distinguished service.Moreover,in the interest of safeguarding your privacy, we take pride in having achieved sales separation, where we strike a balance in protecting the identity of our valued customers - both online and offline,as well as our supplying company.

Itec is thankful to each and everyone of you who have accompanied us throughout our journey and witnessed as we have developed and grown.You can be reassured that we only present the best of our products to you.Your faith in us serves as our motivation to constantly improve.Itec is your friend and business partner!We are here ready to serve you!



Contact: Mr. Jerry Zhang

Phone: +86-13385923866

Tel: +86-592-6082821

Email: info@itecgroup.cn

Add: Xinyang Industry Zone, Haicang, Xiamen, China 361026

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